We produce hemp for building materials, bioplastics & textiles for a better tomorrow.


Non-toxic and biodegradable hemp fiber composites are excellent alternatives to fossil fuel based plastics.

Construction materials

100% nature- and health-friendly hemp fiber insulation materials to replace products that leave a large ecological footprint. 


Hemp shives are a renewable organic raw material used to make a wide range of natural and health-friendly products. 

Textile fibers

Extraordinarily tensile and durable hemp textile fibers have a significantly smaller manufacturing eco footprint than cotton or any other fiber crops.

Why hemp?

Nordic hemp

Our mission

Growing hemp is beneficial for the planet and hemp based products provide biodegradable alternatives for many non-renewable materials.

Our mission is to create sustainable business ecologically, economically and socially. We want to preserve a lively countryside and offer the farmers an alternative crop that is economically and ecologically profitable. 

Business development

Our vision is to be the biggest hemp producer in Northern Finland by 2027. 

During the first 5 years of operations, Hemka plans to build three processing plants in the Nordic region. The first plant will be located in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Manufacturing plant in Northern Ostrobotnia


Manufacturing plant in Southern Ostrobotnia

2025 – 2026

Manufacturing plant in Southern Finland



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About us

The team that has joined the Hemka project is extremely multi-faceted and consists of professionals in their field – from long-term experienced hemp growers to top financial manager and lawyer. Between them there are visionaries and practitioners with a wide array of technical knowledge. It can be plead that the best possible team in Finland has come together to carry out this project. They are united by a common concern for the future of our environment and a clear vision to contribute to its salvation.


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E-mail: ville.saarelainen@hemka.fi
Phone: +358 40 554 7900